January 25, 2011

tuning apache for large subversion repos

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I kept getting very aggravating timeout issues when trying to reintegrate a branch back into the trunk of one of our large subversion repositories. Tuned apache’s httpd.conf with the following and the problems disappeared.

# Timeout: The number of seconds before receives and sends time out.
Timeout 60000

# KeepAlive: Whether or not to allow persistent connections (more than
# one request per connection).
KeepAlive On

# MaxKeepAliveRequests: The maximum number of requests to allow
# during a persistent connection. Set to 0 to allow an unlimited amount.
MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

# KeepAliveTimeout: Number of seconds to wait for the next request from the
# same client on the same connection.
KeepAliveTimeout 60000

2 Responses to “tuning apache for large subversion repos”

  1. James Says:

    A better solution is to use git.

  2. dh Says:

    I git what ur sayin.

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